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Episode 1 // G.O.D.

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Episode 2 // L.I.E. (In production)

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Episode 1 contains extracts also from 1123 (Webserie by Turel Caccese, originally posted on Instagram, currently available episode 1, episode 2 in production)
Music: MusicaPerBambini (Written and Performed by Manuel Bongiorni) (Buy - Listen)
Animation: MatthewCatCap (Source)


  • Kalki - Vanarasi - Basile_Pierrat (Source)
  • American Sniper - Clint Eastwood (Movie clip, Imdb)
  • Don’t Hug me I’m Scared @joseph.pelling and @becky.sloan (Source)
  • @Ausonia23 (Comic Artist)
  • Lodge Lady - @crisvector (Comic artist, Behance)
  • L'attesa - @pieromessina_ (Movie clip, Imdb)
  • Wiz and @arcticmonkey: The view from Afternoon (Source)
  • Felix Colgrave - Double King (Source)
  • Lil Stevie Wanders - @mrironmonkey and @channel101 (Source)
  • Nuovo Cinema Paradiso @giuseppetornatoreofficial (Movie Clip, Imdb)
  • Tranz - @gorillaz and @blinkink (Source)

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