ZELDØ: Ł (Originally ZELDØ3:ŁØ<3)  is an EP made with the help of collaborators that was supposed to be published by a label. The label, one week before the release, cancelled the publication for personal reasons.

Because the album was already announced, I made it available as a free download for 23 Hours the day of his original release, 23/2/2023. 

The two songs were part of the radio show: "De reden dat ik hier nog steeds ben" ft. Underground Tacticz (Na Radio Sesssions, De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg 2023-2024) available here below:

Original (ZEŁDØ Press Kit)

ZELDØ is an on-going conceptual ambient experimental project created by composer Turel Caccese and illustrator Stefano Donatiello in 2017.  Sounds were recorded between San Sossio Baronia (Italy) and Tilburg (The Netherlands) in the last 6 years. The third installment Ł is divided in two segments: a meditative dance of senses and a mating ritual that becomes an awareness realization of self-esteem. The idea behind ZELDØ instrumental tracks is that words could confuse people intentions  but music make possible to create stories based on images. Music notes are just “sound brushes" of our mind.


  • Jestem Z Ciebe Dumny                    (0:48)
  • Ł: 1NTRØ                                         (8:20)
  • Ł: 0UTRØ                                         (8:20)

Written and Performed by Turel Caccese
Piano and Electronics recorded in Tilburg, 
The Netherlands
Guitar recorded in San Sossio Baronia, Italy
in December 2022
Mixed by Vinnie Brown and Turel Caccese at Hospital “A. Perrino” Parking Area, Brindisi, Italy
Mastered by Vinnie Brown (only on Jestem Z Ciebe Dumny)

Artwork and Animations: 
Stefano Donatiello and Turel Caccese
Shadows and Memories: Ł (Generated via DALL-E 2 and Wonder AI)
1123: The Night of the Falling Stars 
(Noc Rój Meteorów) - Photo by Alessandro Morese
Mini Portrait and Photo: Haoyu Dong
MicroLab Arturia, M-Audio Code 25, Suzuki 12 to 7 Strings Guitar
Audio Softwares and Drums: Audacity, Garage Band, Reason Lite, Pro Tools
VST: Matt Tytel’s helm, Spitifire Audio’s LABS, Arturia Analog Lab, Air mini Grand

[ 1+0 = 23/Ł/ ]

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