ZELDØ [Demo/Mixtape] - Turel Caccese Soundtracks

ZELDØ [Demo/Mixtape]

1. Maleventum (Bonus Track)
2. ZELDØ Part 1: Noc rój meteorów
3. ZELDØ Part 2: Are you still Hanging On Kiddo?
4. ZELDØ Part 3a: The Day After
5. ZELDØ Part 3b. Duodenum/ Theme from ZELDØ
6. ZELDØ Part 4: Godspeed You! Black Mirror
7. ZELDØ Part 5: つづく

[Total Running time 28:34]

Registered and produced in Tilburg in date 10/08/2021 by Andrea Turel Caccese

Andrea Turel Caccese: Synth, Audacity, Guitars, Effects, Electronics, Pads, Drum Machines
Additional Musicians: Paul Stretch, Frank Zappa

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