Alienation & Reflections - The Animated Series - First Trailer & Behind The Scenes

Present days: Into a post-apocalyptic era, two guys are sitting in a room watching movies and playing video games... like the rest of the human race.

Alienation & Reflections was a webcomic realized by Andrea Turel Caccese and Alessandro Morese published online in 2010, it's available in italian as a PDF or via Facebook. In 2019 I decided to make an animated series for the american and foreign Market. The first episode will be available soon.

Behind the scenes:

Create this Trailer Pilot (which I decided to call Trilot) was a stimulating challenge. The original comic strip had this peculiarity: it was all based on a single draw (originally maded by Francesca Ciano). The animated episode is also based on the same original design and drawing. It is in fact the same identical draw, which survived to 7 years of backups on my hard disk.
Some things, however, required a complete restoration like the Alienation Room and the Fruit Boyz Car (inspired by my real car). I then had to recreate all the various layers that would have been functional for animations with a higher resolution.
Thanks to Photoshop's help and patience, in a few weeks every single element (backgrounds, characters, objects) had become a stand-alone psd project, composed of subgroups and dozens of levels.
With regard to the animated part, I decided to rely on After Effect after I had studied for some animations in recent months. Among the various programs to animate that I had the chance to try, for sure After Effect is the most inconvenient and slow but also the one that most of all allowed me to create animations as close as possible to the original comic (the original webcomic already videos maded with Flash by Alessandro Morese without any knowledge of the software in that days)

The script was originally created by Alessandro (based on a strip written by him), after which I tried to create a first take by improvising the voices. This first 30-second take made me realize that you can't first animate and then record the voices, so I had to recreate one from scratch by following a script that has been lengthened to cover all the punchline times adequately .

Regarding dubbing, I equipped myself with a condensing microphone connected to an iPad. I recorded the voices on the first take despite various phone and doorphone interruptions (it's amazing how when you try a second to do something everyone tries to contact you and then as soon as you're done no one makes you feel for days anymore).

You can watch it here:


After the realization of "La Collana di Tripo" with MUCO an animated short / videoclip for the new single of Malbianco Music (Release date: November 13 on Youtube), I've begun a new script for episode 0. There's a lot of interesting dots to connect. It will be an exciting challenge.

Exclusive Gadgets for who help us in the realization of the series!