ZELDØ3:ŁØV3 - The Lost EP

AKA The story of how a label decided to not respect a signed contract.

On date 28 November 2022, after the release of Godspeed You! Black Mirror - Music from Zeldø I was intent to promote my track on a website called Groover.co, website specialized in putting in contact artists with labels, with the cost of 2 Euro my song get a chance to get reviewed by experts and/or label. So, after putting only an amount of 12 Euro I get 3 reviews and a propose to collaborate with a label.

Hello, we receive your music through Groover and we would like to invite you to send your demos or unreleased material to be part of our community of artists and our catalog, we believe that your style is part of our sound aesthetics.

        Arthropoda Music

As you can imagine I was extremely happy to final collaborate with (what I was thinking) was a professional from a label. So Arthropoda Asked me some unreleased material and I made especially for the label a song of approximately 8 minutes. At this point he asked me for more music to create a full EP. I made a total of 17 minutes of music then we signed together a contract and I was working for two months on the release. We agreed to make the advertising together: 

The best thing is that we work together with the promotion and diffusion we are a small label as you can realize and if we combine energy and resources it is always much better.

        (Art Uro, owner of Arthropoda Music)

After everything was confirmed, he decided to publish on February 23 2023 the release, with a Mastering realized by him. But in the beginning of February  the label owner forgot to ask me for a mailing list of collaborators, radio and friends who I personally contacted in exchange of the album preview.

I prepared to him a list, then he asked me the name of everyone. I ask to him why. At this point Arthropoda Music decides to not continue anymore the collaboration accusing me of making too many questions. Here some extracts of the conversation of 16-17 February 2023. 

[...] I constantly adapted my way of working to your needs, but it still wasn't enough. [...] Your mix was wrong from the beginning, I had to make corrections and patches in the mastering, but in the same way I tried to respect that they are your collaborations and not get involved in it, since I noticed that you wanted absolutely everything to be under your control. [... ] You didn't collaborate in anything at all, you just gave me a late and useless mailing list since it didn't even have the names or entities of the owners [...] Why can't you respect the ways and times of working that I have on my own label? [...] The real motivation that I have to cancel the collaboration is that you don't trust me and you constantly showed it to me and it seems big enough to me and I don't think I should give more explanation about it. [...] you don't have respect, and I do not allow anyone to set their conditions or tell me how I should do things in my own label, I was very flexible with you but you exceeded the limits. [...]  maybe you are the one who only sees the music as a hobby  

After this emails I asked to Groover.co to step in on Arthropoda Music saying clearly: he asked me unpublished material contacting me through your platform, then ask me more material for a release, than let me sign a contract asking for personal mailing list and then change his mind 6 days before the release without real proof or motivations, damaging my image as an artist and as a person (I had to cancel radio interviews about the album and contacting personally the 50 people of my mailing list asking sorry). 

Groover.co decided that is not responsible for what happened.

Here follows all the material created for the release. I was accusing to not do anything for the release and disrupt the way how Art Uro was working. You can see with your own eyes here below and judge by yourself.

I would like to ask sorry to all my collaborators and all the people I involved in the project,  also the one who I asked an email for the preview of the album. Unfortunately Arthropoda Music decide to withdraw the contract 6 days before the release for reasons purely personal, showing an unprofessional behaviour.

Here the material made for ZELDØ3:ŁØ<3 for Arthropoda Music

ZELDO 3 Press Kit

ZELDØ is an on-going conceptual ambient experimental project created by composer Turel Caccese and illustrator Stefano Donatiello in 2017.  Sounds were recorded between San Sossio Baronia (Italy) and Tilburg (The Netherlands) in the last 6 years. The third installment ZELDØ3:ŁØ<3 is divided in two segments: a meditative dance of senses and a mating ritual that becomes an awareness realization of self-esteem. The idea behind ZELDØ instrumental tracks is that words could confuse people intentions  but music make possible to create stories based on images. Music notes are just “sound brushes" of our mind.

1NTRØ (8:16)
0UTRØ (8:16)

Written and Performed by Turel Caccese
Piano and Electronics recorded in Tilburg, 
The Netherlands
Guitar recorded in San Sossio Baronia, Italy
in December 2022
Mixed by Vinnie Brown and Turel Caccese at Hospital “A. Perrino” Parking Area, Brindisi, Italy
Mastered by Art Uro (Arthropoda Music), Spain

Artwork and Animations: 
Stefano Donatiello and Turel Caccese
Shadows and Memories: Ł (Generated via DALL-E 2 and Wonder AI)
1123: The Night of the Falling Stars 
(Noc Rój Meteorów) - Photo by Alessandro Morese
Mini Portrait and Photo: Haoyu Dong
MicroLab Arturia, M-Audio Code 25, Suzuki 12 to 7 Strings Guitar
Audio Softwares and Drums: Audacity, Garage Band, Reason Lite, Pro Tools
VST: Matt Tytel’s helm, Spitifire Audio’s LABS, Arturia Analog Lab, Air mini Grand

[ 1+0 = 23/Ł/ ]

Original Trailer 
(I re-upload this video removing Art Uro Mastering and putting the original "wrong" Mix by Vinnie Brown)

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